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Post: 30 lis 2009, 17:01 
Xcon 2005 - Richard Sauder - What's in the Basement of the Secret Empire? [ENG]



with dr Richard Sauder
When Dr. Sauder was first told late one night in 1992 that "the underground bases are real" he didn’t take the assertion on faith -- he immediately began an exhaustive search of every document collection and database that he could openly access to try to find out the truth behind that statement. As a consequence of his findings he can conclusively report that there is no longer any doubt – the secret underground bases are real.
But what is happening down there? What's going on underground, and undersea?
Information keeps surfacing that strongly points to the reality not only of clandestine underground bases, but also of clandestine undersea bases. UFO lore is peppered with accounts of facilities jointly run by terrestrial humans and "others" – whoever or whatever those "others" might ultimately prove to be. What is the truth of these stories?
What is the clandestine "un-public" policy that is being concealed from the public?
Dr. Sauder jumps straight into the documentary evidence and uncovers little-known, declassified memos going back to the Kennedy and Johnson administrations in the 1960s, and even rare memos from Project Paperclip in the 1940s!
Also, new material from Larry Warren, the famous experiencer who co-authored the book, Left At East Gate, with Peter Robbins, that sheds new light on the incredible Bentwaters-Woodbridge UFO incident in the U.K. And new information from Nazi Germany – how much technology filtered across the Atlantic from Nazi Germany to the USA after WW-II?
We know about Wernher von Braun and his NASA rocketeers, but what about other Nazi scientists and specialists?
The paper trail holds definite thought-provoking surprises.


Przez pierwsze kilka minut jakaś dziewczyna śpiewa, od ok. 9 min. zaczyna się coś dziać... ;)

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: 30 lis 2009, 17:01 
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