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Post: 30 lis 2009, 17:09 
Xcon 2005 - Ryan & Bob Wood - Mj-12 Documentation Authentication Workshop [ENG]



This workshop will provide a clear description of the processes used to initiate the authentication of questioned UFO documents.
It will include establishing provenance, physical factors such as dating techniques, identifying typewriters, matching printed type fonts, and comparison of handwritten evidence. The usual hunt for anachronisms that would belie authenticity will be exemplified, and examples of etymological issues (word sources and usage) will be provided.
The mother of all authentication processes - the comparison with known authentic documents - will be exemplified using several examples. Not content to rest on their achievements to date, Dr. Bob and Ryan Wood will be willing to discuss documents that seem to have problems that they cannot totally explain. Foremost among these are apparently identical marginalia written back in the forties, where skeptics have claimed that identicalness implies the obvious use of a modern copy machine.
These workshop leaders will look beyond the obvious here and postulate alternative explanations. Specifically, several examples of similar language between some questioned documents and some genuine documents will be discussed in detail from the point of view of supporting fakery on the one hand, or the common use of "boilerplate" on the other.
As a fitting climax to this topic, a relatively recent Majestic document, shredded and subsequently reconstructed, will be evaluated from the points of view discussed in the workshop. If it were authentic, it would be front page news.


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: 30 lis 2009, 17:09 
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Nowy temat Odpowiedz w temacie  [ Posty: 1 ] 

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