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Post: 09 paź 2016, 2:02 
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For protect my privasy i want to buy a audio recording jammer, but recently i know nothing about it, so is there someone could give me some advises?

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: 09 paź 2016, 2:02 
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Post: 09 paź 2016, 12:51 
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Hi burlhowk. It's quite unusual that someone who dont speak Polish want to ask something here.

Ok, so it seems those jammers will not only prevent from recording calls, but also from using mobiles by anyone who is nearby. What I see on site, some of them are capable of jamming not only GSM but also Wi-Fi or even GPS signal. Im not sure if that is what you want.

There are some devices aimed for blocking recording devices only, but take a look on their specs.

Distance of suppression:

-For Digital Recorder, 0.5-1 meters;

-For Cassette Recorder, Up to 8 meters (26 feet).

No one uses analog recorders these days, people mostly have their phones and tablets to do so. And as you can see 0.5-1 meters (3 feet) this is the distance for digital devices, so this sucks. That might work in places like a small interrogation room on the airport or jail. I dont see this at home on a daily basis.

Basically jammers are Electromagnetic noise generators (like white noise). Maybe you were in situation when someone in the house turned on microwave oven and Wi-Fi suddenly gone off. This is especially true for old or cheapy Chinese devices with poor EM shielding. Thats because Wi-Fi and microwaves woks on the same spectrum band 2.4 Ghz, and their interfere with each other.


- Stronger EM Jamming might be illegal in your country. Because stronger signal needs more power and bigger antenna. Thats why you might not find devices with satisfying suppression distance/radius. This might be allowed only for authorities, Federals or with permission ?

- Take safety and health aspects under consideration. This is 2.4 Ghz - basically this frequency is the resonance for water causing it to heat up. This is also true for body liquids like blood and water in cells (We are made of in 80% of water) For more info visit EM FACTS

"EMFacts Consultancy, founded in 1994 by Don Maisch, has produced a wide range of reports and papers dealing with various health issues related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation. "

If you want to protect your privacy while calling - maybe cellcrypt will be sufficient. In general GSM tech is not designed for Encryption. Thats why you need third party services to do so.

If you want to temporary block phone signal (to prevent tracking by GSM BTS Towers) and make phone invisible, then use anti radiation cases. This is just Faraday cage for your phone :) This is also great for storing proximity cards.

If you want to Jamme your phone and prevent for example Federals from listening on your line :mrgreen: Then I would suggest tiny audio noise generator. Maybe in form of phone holder ? Imagine tiny speaker emitting noise like this It doesn't have to be loud, just very close to phone mic. Have to be annoying, with good distortion capacity and hard to filter out.

If you want to Jamme others recording devices then...hmmm. I would test portable noise generator like this one

and here is how it works
phpBB [video]

Hope that helps

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